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Trekking at Epirus, (Timfi mountain and Zagori region)

  • 4 hours
  • Voulgaroktonou

Service Description

On the continent of Epirus the largest piece of composed by mountains, forests, ravines, rivers and lakes. A piece where the mountains dominate is the Zagoria. In the area of Zagori the largest and most imposing mountain is Tymfi 2.497m. The Tymfi bordered by two large canyons, gorges and cliffs of the north where we have the slopes of Ploskos, Gamila, Karteros and Tsouka Rossa to the bed of the river Aoos and from the west the Vikos gorge with vertical cliffs up to 1000 meters. The nature and uniqueness of the Divine mountain make it universal heritage monument.

Contact Details

  • Voulgaroktonou, Anatoli, Ioannina, Greece


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